Issue #187 June 1, 2010

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* Have You “Gotten It?”
* Back on Track with Barbara
* Research Article:
          Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
* Join Me in Las Vegas for a Patient Conference
* Recipe: Ham and Egg Breakfast
* Doing my part for Economic Recovery
* Success Story: Stephen Spaur

Have You “Gotten It?”

I was watching the Today Show recently, and noticed that Al Roker has lost a lot of weight.  In 2002, Mr. Roker had weight loss surgery performed by Dr. Marina Kurian, who co-authored Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies with me. In fact, Al Roker wrote the Introduction to our book. 

Over the years since, Mr. Roker regained some weight. It is something that happens to many of us, and just because someone is a celebrity, they are not immune. It is difficult for the rest of us who aren’t celebrities to deal with the embarrassment of weight regain.  But imagine if you are in the public eye every day, how difficult that must be. 

I have seen this happen to weight loss surgery patients over and over, especially at the 3 to 4 year point. The window of opportunity has closed, and the weight loss has stopped.  Many of us still feel that we have beaten our eating demons and let our guard down. Then we realize that the bad habits are creeping back. Some of us panic and decide to do something about it.  Others get depressed, and get into a spiral of emotional eating, and end up regaining even more weight.

Those who do something about it are those who “get it.” But success doesn’t usually come the way people think.  Many of us revert to diets. We join Weight Watchers or try the latest diet craze (Holiday Cookie Diet? Even I can’t believe that one!), even though we know those diets have caused us to gain weight. Why do we keep repeating our same mistakes, expecting they will have different results?

But some of us finally realize that healthy eating is the only thing that works. It is a very slow process, but it works over the long run. It is those who start on that path who “get it,” and truly get their weight under control.

Back on Track with Barbara

Internet Mentoring Program

Are you:

Suffering from emotional eating and can’t stop?
Grazing on carbohydrates and can’t control it?
Lacking inspiration to lose the weight you have regained?
Feel you don’t know what to do now that you have had surgery?
Dying to be in better shape`?

 Then you are in luck! My Back on Track Internet
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Research Article:  
  Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Hi Barbara,
I know in the past that you have listed weight loss products that we are able to take after having weight loss surgery. My question to you is, are we able to take a product that would block sugar absorption? It’s sold in most drugstores and is called mulberry. It is a product that blocks sugar from getting absorbed into your system.

Thank you,

Dear Donna,
To answer this question, I turned to my good friend, Dr. Jacqueline Jacques, Chief Science Officer for Bariatric Advantage. Here is her reply:

Hi Barbara,
“Extracts of mulberry leaf, specifically Chinese White Mulberry, have been used in both China and India to help treat diabetes for centuries.  The extracts work similarly to several known diabetes drugs – though perhaps not as powerfully – by slowing the breakdown of sugars in the gut so they are absorbed over a longer period of time.  The doses needed appear to be high – 1 gram taken 3 times daily with a meal.  It has not been shown to have any effect on weight control, and because the action is so drug-like, anyone with diabetes should really not try this treatment without support from their physician.”

In talking with Dr. Jacques later, she reiterated that mulberry should not be taken without consulting your doctor.  Since it blocks the absorption of sugar, people could have a hypoglycemic reaction with their blood sugar dropping too low.

Join Me in Las Vegas

How would you like to visit Las Vegas and attend a fab patient conference?  If so, you do not want to miss the Making It a Lifestyle Conference in Las Vegas June 26th featuring me along with my 2 friends Colleen Cook and Monica Ganz. There are special discounts for 2 people signing up at the same time. Sign up early so that you will be assured to have a seat. You are getting the 3 of us for the price of 1!!

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity

to learn from these legendary leaders

Be inspired by our stories, educated by our wisdom, and motivated by our lasting success. Each of us will provide a keynote presentation, meet and greet opportunity, and book signing.

For additional information on tickets and sponsorship packages, call (800) 339-9129 or visit our website.

If you are a bariatric practice, contact me at for post cards to promote the conference to your patients. Also click here for sponsorship information.

  Ham and Egg Breakfast

Many thanks to Annette Gallahue for passing on this recipe.

Below is a recipe that I find easy, and is all protein. I pair it with a glass of "diet" cran-pomegranate juice for a satisfying breakfast. This keeps me satisfied for several hours. If I get hungry, I try to eat some raw veggies or a piece of fruit. If I eat fruit, I try to eat it with a spoonful of peanut butter, or a few tablespoons of cottage cheese, otherwise the sugar in the fruit makes me hungry sooner.

You will need a microwave egg poacher or omelet dish.  A Pyrex custard cup or other small microwavable glass dish will also work.

Butter-flavor Pam spray
1 egg
1 slice lean boneless ham or 1 slice precooked bacon
1 slice American cheese
Pepper & Salt-Sense to taste (low sodium salt)

Spray dish with cooking spray, top and bottom. Cut slice of ham in half, place in the bottom of the dish. Break egg on top of ham. Poke yolk to puncture!! Put piece of ham on top of egg. Microwave for 1 minute. Carefully open lid, and put piece of cheese on top (may have to cut it in half first).

Microwave about 15 -30 more seconds and let sit for about a minute, until the cheese melts. This egg snack will slide out of the dish, and has the ham & cheese flavor cooked in; all for about 140 calories and 15 grams of protein.

If you double the egg and just put 1/2 slice of ham on each with 1/2 slice cheese, you only add the calories of the extra egg (70) plus an extra 6 grams of protein.

***Make sure to puncture the yolk of the egg several times with a fork!  The membrane surrounding the egg, if left un-punctured, builds pressure in the egg, and will explode when you poke it after it is done.

I hope you enjoy this;

Annette Gallahue

If you have a recipe that you would like to share in future issues of this newsletter, please send it to me at

Doing My Part
  for Economic Recovery

As everyone knows, the United States and the world are in an economic recovery that affects us all individually.  We make many financial decisions based on our current income and many times these decisions are not the best for our health.

In an effort to "do my part," I have reduced the prices of most
of my products including books, audio CDs and my
Back on Track with Barbara mentoring program.

If you have been holding back on purchasing any of my educational products because you thought the price was too high, now is the time to move forward. 

Books and Audio CDs

Back on Track with Barbara Mentoring Program

Success Story:
  Stephen Spaur

I want to offer Stephen Spaur a special thanks for sharing his success with us. Here is his story:

Hello Barbara!! 
My name is Stephen Spaur.  I had weight loss surgery on February 4, 2009.  To date, I have lost 190 pounds!!  I'm actually trying to GAIN a few pounds!  A friend of mine who had weight loss surgery suggested I share my story with you.

I have been overweight all my life.  I suffer with depression and have always used food as my comfort.  To be honest with you, I did a few diets, but I just downright love food!!  I would start a diet and give into temptation within a few days.  Then I would see a picture of myself or put on a pair of pants that were too tight and convince myself that I would diet again...and this time stick with it (yeah right!) 

I never thought I would find love.  I found myself to be too undesirable for a woman to love, so I never really bothered to look.  However, one day, a beautiful young lady named Melanie found me on My Space.  We fell in love and married one year after we met.  She decided to have weight loss surgery and had tried to convince me to do it with her.  I went back and forth on it, and finally made my decision...I wouldn't have the surgery.  My wife went on with hers in September of 2008 (she has currently lost 220 pounds!).  It wasn't until shortly after her surgery that the son of one of my co-workers had a heart attack.  He was a year younger than me and weighed less than me.  That really opened my eyes.  I was a newlywed with 2 new children (my wife's) that I claim as my own.  I wanted to see them grow up as well as have a few more.  And of course, I wanted many, many years with my beautiful wife.  I went home the day of my co-worker's son's heart attack and told my wife that I wanted the surgery.  

I couldn't believe how quickly things went!!  As I said, I had my surgery (Duodenal Switch) on February 4. 2009.  I haven't had one complication!!  The only thing is now I'm almost TOO skinny!!  :)  I thank God for the blessing He gave me in letting me have my DS.  I now am healthier than I've ever been, and I'm looking forward to those many, many years with my wife and children.

Thank you for letting me share my story!

Stephen Spaur

Congratulations Stephen

My supply of success stories is low.

Please support this newsletter by sending your story.

If you have reached your goal weight (or close to it), you have a success story to tell.  Be proud of your wonderful achievement and let the world celebrate with you.

If you are one of the many support group leaders who use my newsletters in your discussion groups, please encourage your members to submit their stories.

Send your success story with before and after photo files to me at and I will include your story in a future newsletter.

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